Demolition And Conversion Preparation 2002

JawsWork In ProgressLaid Bare...EvolutionStart of demolition of female block 2Start of demolition of female block 4Start of demolition of female block 6Daphne, Cedar, Beech Almond WardsAlmond WardNurses AdminBridgeplanChantry Day Unit With West End Of Female BlockClock Tower Showing Broken Walls Which Were Admin Supplies DepartmentsClock Tower With Left Admin Dept, Right Supplies DeptMeadowside Ward Victim Of The CrusherDaphne, Cedar, Beech, Almond WardsDaphne, Cedar And Beech Wards Daphne, Cedar, Beech, Almond WardsEast End Of Female Block Looking At North SideFemale Block, East EndEast Side of Main Hall Daphne Ward Towering Above April 2002Far West End Of Main Drive Looking North To Lea HouseFemale Block Behind Main Hall On RightFemale Block Looking West Meadowside Ward From WestFemale Block North Side, Red Framed Door Main EntranceFemale Block Top End_Of Main Drive, WestFirst OctagonFirst Octagon exposed meadowside wardfirst OctagonInterior Of Main Hall showing Floor Starting To Warp Due To DampnessKitchen SquareLooking East Into Alderson Courtyard Original Building On Right Electric Substation Red DoorMain Drains Being LaidMain Hall On Right Female Block South SideMain Sewers Being LaidMilton, Maudsley Wards April 2002Milton, Maudsley Wards,  The Red Brick Rubble From The  Annexe Of Original BuildingMilton And MaudsleyMilton WardMain Hall, East SideNorth Side Of Chantry Day Unit With West End Of Female BLock Behind, Roof StrippedNorth Side Of Female BlockOctangle 3OctangleOriginal Building Showing Annexe During DemolitionOriginal Building, West End, Clock Tower On Left, The Rubble Was SuppliesPart Of Original Building Red Brick Building On Top Is Lift Machinery Housing Clock Tower In The Background April 2002Part Of The Original Building South Side Showing Old Air Intake Tower Part Of The Original Heating System, April 2002Part Of The Original Building Looking East, Demolished Annexe In Foreground, Meadowside Ward Behind On LeftPorters Lodge Looking EastOriginal Hospital April 2002_South Side Of Female BLock Completely GuttedSouth Side Of Female BlockSouth Side Of Female BlockSouth Side Of Female BlockSouth Side Of Original Building, East_Wing Foundations For New Block Of Flats On Previous Site Of Milton, Maudsley WardsMeadowside WardStatue of FloraStatue Of Flora Roman Goddess Of Flowers And The Spring Stood Outside Alderson WardSupplies DeptTailoring Dept And BoilerhouseMeadowside WardWest Side Maudsley Milton WardWreckage Of Meadowside Ward With Female Block Behind

Michael MacCarthey when making his speech at the recent Health Conference at Wakefield Town Hall, Spoke of Contributions made by former curators of the “Stephen Beaumont Museum” he mentioned Lawrence Ashworth in particular who with John Todd (Former Consultant Psychiatrist at High Royds) wrote “The House” a comprehensive history of Stanley Royd Pauper Lunatic Asylum 1818 – 1913.

Michael’s contribution is detailed in this collection. All the images you see were taken in 2002 post closure and chronical the demolition of all the buildings not required in the conversion.

Without Michael taking the time to go down to the site with his camera week in week out, this valuable record would not exist..